Best Dividend Stocks To Buy Now And Never Work Again

Best Dividend Stocks To BuyHere are the best dividend stocks to buy now that will help you on the road to retirement.  Let’s face it folks, no one wants to work forever.  The fact is, we need a secondary source of income if we ever want to stop working.  Unless you have a multitude of workers willing to share their hard earned income with you, then you better have some solid investments that will grow over time and give you the ability to live off of the dividends they provide.  There are some rules that I go by in order to qualify as one of the best dividend stocks to buy.  These dividend stocks have to be earning a profit.  They also need to have a price to earnings ratio under 20.  We do not want to invest in an overpriced stock that could wipe our dividends away with one bad week of stock price decline.  With that being said, here are some of the best dividend stocks to buy now to get you to where you want to be.

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Best Dividend Stocks To Buy Now5.  Coming in at number 5 as one of our  best dividend stocks to buy now is Valero Energy Corporation.  We all know that the energy sector has been crushed for over the last year.  But let’s be honest here, who here really believes that oil and gas prices are going to stay this low forever?  The fact is, these prices are going to rise again in the next year or two and then you will be wishing you had this stock in your portfolio.

Valero (VLO $63.06) is a prime example of a great stock to buy today for tomorrow’s appreciation in price.  With oil prices low, investors stay away from these types of investments.  But forward thinking investors are reward handsomely when they have the patience to buy today for tomorrow’s gain.  The best thing about Valero’s stock is that by buying today, you will be locking in a very nice dividend rate of 3.81%.  This stock has a price to earnings ratio of 7.98.  What this means is that we have some room to grow in terms of the stock price.  When you look at the chart below, you see that the mean for price to earnings ratios is 15.58 over the life of the S&P 500.  That tells us that Valero is WAYYY under priced and has some solid room for price appreciation once energy prices start to recover.  While we are waiting for that though, we will be collecting a solid 3.81% dividend.  What is even better is that the current marking has a PE ratio of 22.59.  If Valero actually catches up to the current market PE, then we could be looking at tripling our money as well as a super nice dividend locked in for the life of our investment.  Now that’s what I call a great dividend stock to buy now!

Best Dividend Stocks To Buy Now

Best Dividend Stocks To Buy Now 4.  For our number four stock, I have selected SunCoke Energy Partners. (SXCP $7.93)  This is another energy stock that has been beaten down to ultra low levels.  The price to earnings ratio for SunCoke is at a super low 4.38.  This means that we could be looking at this stock going 4 times it current price once the energy market improves.  Remember that you want to invest in the companies when they have room to grow, not when they are already at the top of the price mountain.  This stock is paying an unbelievable $0.59 a share dividend, which equates to a 29.96% payout.  As you can see from the chart below, they have continued to increase their payouts throughout the last couple of years.  As of now, this company is earning a profit and paying out some sweet divs, that is why I consider this company one of the best dividend stock to buy now.  Best Dividend Stocks To Buy Now And Never Work Again

Best Dividend Stocks To Buy Now 3.  My number three dividend stock to buy is good old Ford Motor Company. (F $12.56)  This stock is a goldmine waiting to be discovered by investors.  They are solid profits, which gives Ford a very low price to earnings ratio of only 6.82.  They are paying out a dividend of 4.78% on top of the fact that their price per share is ultra low compared to their earnings.  If we invest enough in this company, they may buy us our next car with the money we made of their stock.  It doesn’t matter what car company you are loyal to, it is all about the money here and you can see that with this stock.  They have a chance of having their stock price go up to $30.00 a share and on top of that, they are paying out a ridiculous amount of dividends to their shareholders.  This is why Ford Motor Company easily is one of the best dividend stocks to buy now.  You can also see how Ford stacks up with other low PE companies over at The Online Investor, which I highly recommend.

Best Dividend Stocks To Buy Now

Best Dividend Stocks To Buy Now2.  Our number two selection for our best dividend stocks to buy now is none other then Verizon Communications. (VZ $52.18)  If you have a need to diversify and you are not holding on to any telecommunications stocks, this is one of the best to pick up.  I can’t help but wonder why investors are not lining up to grab this stock.  They are trading at very low price to earnings ratio of 11.94, which means we could easily see this stock double in price before we considered it overpriced.  But if that wasn’t enough of a reason to buy it, we have their dividend to consider.  Verizon is paying out an amazing 4.33% every year.  The nice thing is their 10 year chart below.  You can see how it continues to amaze in terms of stock appreciation.  This is definitely a good play to help diversify your portfolio, while locking in some very nice dividends.


Best Dividend Stocks To Buy Now1. The company that won my best dividend stocks to buy now review is none other then Amerigas.  (APU $43.35)  They have consistently made my top choice lists for quite a while, years to be exact.  This is a company that has been fantastic for their shareholders.  They are currently paying out a whopping 8.49% in dividends and with a price to earnings ratio of 13.62, we can feel good that this stock is fairly priced.  There are many different reasons I LOVE this stock, but the main thing is their consistency in raising or maintaining their dividend payouts.  Take a look at the following chart and you will see what I mean.  You can see all there dividend payouts and I will tell you that they went up ever since 1995.  That is over 20 years of dividend growth and some incredible stock price appreciation.  If you are looking to lock up the propane industry, then you will love this stock.

Best Dividend Stocks To Buy Now

You now have some very good stocks to consider from the list above.  As you know, I have a part of my investments in some very high risk ventures.  But you should know that I have the majority of my investments in very safe and sound companies, such as the ones above.  There are different ways to take advantage of the Wall Street greed that pops up once in a while.  And if you have the stomach for it, there can be some major money to be had.  But if you are looking at enjoying what you have with limited risk, then you now have five more stocks to indulge in.  Don’t forget to check out some of the other articles concerning dividends and top stock plays below.

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Best Dividend Stocks To Buy Now


  1. I own shares of Ford and Verizon. I have been very happy with their dividends. It is nice to hear that there could be some increases in their share price in the future.

    • Stock Moe says:

      The are some very decent companies to add to a long term portfolio. Barring unforeseen circumstances, you should be very happy with those two. You should look into the other 3 stocks as well. Thanks for writing…Moe

  2. Ted Jones says:

    Can you throw up a top 5 stocks to short? I believe the market is going to go into a long correction and notice that you are good at selecting stocks to short. I am curious to what you believe is overpriced. Thank you.

    • Stock Moe says:

      I am actually working on something like that right now. Give me a day to do my proper research and put what I find to the keyboard, and you will have some dogs to short. Thanks for writing…Moe

  3. You nailed this company right. They are doing nothing but burning money left and right. And when the 200,000 cars with tax credits are sold, the orders will shrivel up to nothing. Short it now, while it is high. Nice write up and accurate.

  4. What do you think about ford for long-term? I will take a look at the companies you mentioned. I was looking into energy stocks, but there are so many, it’s really hard to pick one. A lot of established companies out there.

    • I love Ford at it’s current price of $12.06 a share. They are trading at a ridiculous Price to Earnings ratio of only 6. It is down about 13% for the last 12 months, which gives us a very nice time to buy into it. I would suggest a dollar cost averaging approach to help mitigate some of the price risks that seem to being popping up every other day. Thanks for writing…Stock Moe

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