Best Stocks To Buy This Week For The Perfect Portfolio

Best Stocks To Buy This Week With most of the doom and gloom behind us for the week, I thought it would interesting to pick the top 5 best stocks to buy this week. The governments of the world are coming together to prop up the global economy once again. China has just announced that they are injecting billions of dollars into their banking system, much like what we are doing. Europe is starting to realize there is a problem and actively researching possible measures. The Fed has stated that rates will stay low for a long time. All this together gives next week a huge lift up and many stocks a chance to appreciate. Without further ado, here are the best stocks to buy this week.

Best Stocks To Buy This Week For The Perfect PortfolioStock Pick #1: Apple (AAPL $105.80) – Apple has seen better days, but that doesn’t stop the fact that they are selling iphones like candy. With the governments helping markets in general, this could shape up to be a great year for Apple stockholders. The last few weeks of bloodshed have allowed this stock to drop in price and give investors a great chance to take up a position in this company. The current price to earning ratio is 11.26 with earnings expected to grow steadily over the next 2 years. With earnings expected to be $9.06 a share in 2016, you are looking at a really low price to earnings ratio going forward.  This means with everything else staying the same, we should be able to expect that the price of Apple stock should appreciate by a good amount. This could be a great return on investment and always a solid stock to add to one’s portfolio. Now if you are looking for that one extra reason to buy Apple, how about their dividend payout. Apple is paying out almost 2% in dividends this year. If you couple this with the growth rate and fair stock price, you have yourself a Stock Moe best stocks to buy this week winner.

Best Stocks To Buy This Week For The Perfect PortfolioStock Pick #2: NQ Mobile Inc (NQ $3.84) – NQ Mobile has been hugely undervalued as of late. It is not what I consider one of the safest stocks to invest in right now. but if you can stomach a little risk, the returns could possibly be huge. NQ Mobile is dealing with filing issues and some accusations concerning their profits. As with any China based company, getting the answers we want is not that simple. They have rejected the claims and have stated publicly that all filing requirements will be handle properly.

Taking a look at their expected earnings for this year, you see that they are suppose to earn about $0.46 a share.  This gives us a ridiculous low price to earnings ratio of a little over 7 for this year and I can see it being even better for next year.  This stock should be trading in the $20+ range and I am fully expecting that to happen in the next year or two.  Their profits are huge compared to their price and the fact that they are based in China allows for huge growth going forward.  But this stock is not without risk due to the filing issues and the downward pressure on this company.  So if you are considering investing in this stock, be prepared for the worse case scenario of losing a substantial amount of your investment.  On the brighter side, if they do what they say they are going to do, then you just may be doubling your money in the next 1-3 months.  This could be a huge stock this year depending on what happens.  This is why they make the list for best stocks to buy this week.

Goldman SachsStock Pick #3:  Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS $152.91) – Goldman Sachs was one of those companies that needed help big time just a few years back.  It wasn’t until Warren Buffett gave them a lifeline that the ship seemed to be up righted.  But now Goldman Sachs is earning good returns and having decent growth.  For 2016, Goldman Sachs is expected to earn $16.99 a share.  This gives them a fantastic low price to earnings ratio of 12.64.  What makes it even better is that the earnings for 2017 are expected to be $18.97.  This pushes the price to earnings ratio down to about 10.  We know that this company is the gold standard of investment firms.  Now to add to the reasons for wanting to buy this stock, you have the dividend rate of 1.70% to help you out.  Goldman Sachs has had its stock price hit pretty bad over the last few months and it has given a great buy in opportunity.  I will not be surprised to see this stock hit $260 a share in the next 24 months.

Goldman SachsStock Pick #4:  International Business Machines (IBM $147.04) – IBM is one of those old giants that continue to earn massive amounts of money on its products and services.  IBM’s current price to earnings ratio is 10.63 and is only going to get better going forward.  They are expected to earn $13.49 a share in 2016, which would keep the price to earnings ratio down to around 10.  This would mean that we should expect a stock appreciation of about 50% over the next year.  Couple that with the dividend payout of 3.64% and you have yourself a solid stock to buy into.  The best part is that this stock is down about 20% since in peak a few months ago, giving us the perfect opportunity to jump on board.  This is why this stock is one the best stocks to buy this week.

best to invest in this weekStock Pick #5:  Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM $84.10) – Exxon is on the downside as of late.  They are consistently suppose to earn about $2.41 and $4.20 a share respectively for the next 2 years.  This means that the fluctuations in prices are just opportunities waiting to be ceased upon.  Exxon is currently paying out dividends of about 3.52%, which is great considering how stable this company is.  They had a 52 week high of just about $90.09 a share and are now trading down about 10% from that point.  You can see that they went into correction territory and are now starting their ascent again.  I would say that this is not a stock that will double in the next year or two, but it will lead to decent stock appreciation gains as well as a nice solid dividend every quarter.  This is why this stock qualified to be one of the best stocks to buy this week.

At this point in the game, it is getting harder and harder to figure out the markets based on fundamentals.  The world governments will not allow the market to act as a standalone entity with proper cycles.  They are doing everything they can to prop it up and make sure it continues its ascent.  This seems like a great thing in the short run, but I worry that down the road in a few years, you will be looking at a huge 25% to 50% correction.  This will be much like 2007-2008 and will force those with retirement ambitions to abandon them and keep on working just like a generation of workers were forced to do back in 2008.  I know that we are told to be diligent in our investing, but it is hard to do proper research on the market as a whole with so much interference from governments around the world.  Today it is China infusing billions of dollars and tomorrow it will be Europe doing the same thing yet again.  The one thing that you can still do is find high quality companies that are fairly priced and offer a great opportunity to some solid earnings.  If you want to take advantage of these government actions, you will want to get into the program down below and start making the thousands you need to live a financial free life.


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Best Stocks To Buy This Week

Best Stocks To Buy This Week For The Perfect Portfolio

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