Is It Time To Sell Stocks For Good?

It been real, it’s been fun, some would even say it’s been exciting, but is it time to sell stocks for good and lock in our profits and end this madness?  We all know that the current bull run has gained some momentum since President Trump was elected and the markets are reaching new highs […]

The Perfect Stock To Invest In To Make Millions

The perfect stock to invest in to make millions and the when and why to buy it.  What I am going to do is to take a look at some options out there for people to invest in.  I will then show you something that will change the way you look at long term investing.  […]

The Best Dividend Stocks To Buy Today

If you are looking for the best dividend stocks to buy today, then there are many different options out there.  But beware, just because it pays a high dividend doesn’t make it a good stock to invest in.  Lucky for you, I am going to show you some top notch picks that pay out fantastic […]

What Happened To Oil Prices Today In The Stock Market

What happened to oil prices today?  If you EVER wanted to make money, you will want to know the answer to this question.  It seems that the world is tired of giving away all that black gold for absolutely pennies on the dollar.  That is where Saudi Arabia and Russia steps in.  Nothing like having […]

Best Way To Invest 10000 In The Stock Market And Make Millions

This is all about the best way to invest 10000 in the stock market and turn it into something that you can actually live off of, over a $1,000,000.  (Sorry for the 10000 and not $10,000…it is how it is searched in Google)  I know you may not believe it right now, but believe me […]

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