HOW TO BUY ACADIA PHARMACEUTICAL STOCK (ACAD)This is how to buy Acadia Pharmaceutical stock (ACAD) and make millions.  Well my trading friends, the wait is over and the results are in.  The review board approved all three of the issues and the Parkison’s psychosis drug Nuplazid will now head to the FDA for final approval.  This will bring in hundreds of millions of dollars for Acadia, and more importantly, the stockholders.  If you are not one of these shareholders, it is not to late to get your piece of the profits.  ACAD will go through a few up and down days, but you are going to want to play this one long for the foreseeable future.  Take a look below and see the right time to short it and then when to jump into this stock for the long haul.  It is some serious easy money if played right.

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Tomorrow is bound to be some kind of craziness.  I am expecting that they may not resume trading until tomorrow or at the earliest, after market trading.  With that being said, I have heard estimates of 50% gain all the way down to just a mere 5% gain.  I have been around quite a few cases such as this and I am throwing my hat in the ring on this one.  I fully believe that we will be looking at middle of the road aftermarket or premarket trades of about a 25% gain.  This will be because of the lack of regular market action.  There are a few ways to play this at this particular moment, short this or buy it for the long run.  Each will carry some major risks.

Let’s take a look at what to expect from here on out for this stock.  The FDA is expected to make their final decision on Nuplazid by May 1st.  This gives you a full month of building your position, no matter the direction you decide to take.  At this point, we should figure that the stock will be extremely volatile over the next few trading sessions.  If you are already invested long in ACAD stock, you are going to love when this stock comes back into trading from today’s temporary trading halt.  If not, don’t lose hope.  There are going to be plenty of opportunities tomorrow to cash in.  We will see shortly how to trade Acadia stock and make millions.

The thing is, there is a ton of options on this stock for the long position in anticipation of the review board okaying the drug.  Guess what?  It happened and these people are looking at a ton of cash when the market opens tomorrow.  I will say it again, my prediction is for a strong amount of trades of ACAD at the opening at around 20% to 30% up.  At that point, you will probably see this stock top out around 10:30 to 11:00 eastern.  This could give us a good chance of turning to the short side.  (my sad Star Wars pun:) )  On the other hand, this could take off to levels of 50% to 100%, like we witnessed with ZYNE.  If you haven’t read how our readers made a small fortune off of that stock, you will want to read that article here to see how it was done and how similar it is to this one.  Now keep in mind that no two stocks will react in identical fashions, but it gives us a great benchmark to work with.  In figuring out how to buy Acadia Pharmaceutical stock, we have to have something to compare it to, and now we do.

Now for you traders out there looking to short this stock, the good news is that all the premiums might just be priced in at opening and it could give you a great chance to get in at a very inflated price…possibly.  Like I said before, this could be a very volatile stock tomorrow and there are going to be multiple entry points for both longs and shorts.  If you are looking for some guidance on the short position, take a look at this study for pharmaceutical companies that get a drug approved.  Now we have not had the FDA approve Nuplazid as of yet, but they should by May 1st, which will give you an idea what will happen from here.  If you want to know how to buy Acadia Pharmaceutical stock, this will help you dramatically.  It will even give you some ideas for future pharmaceutical companies that are dealing with upcoming drug tests.  There is a mint to be made from these companies if you know how to prepare for them.

At this point, I will come back tomorrow after trading has resumed and get you caught up on the specifics of what I am personally doing.  I can tell you that I took a very long position yesterday in anticipation of the board approving all three measures, which they did.  It was quite a grilling amount of questioning about the death rates concerning the drug, but all in all, it does what it sets out to do.  There are bound to be black box labels put on this drug, but for those suffering from psychosis from Parkinson’s disease, this gives them a possible solution.  Now the question I have to answer is how long to hold on to the long position?  I am debating dropping 50% of the stock tomorrow during the first hour or two in order to lock in the gains.  After that, I will set a few levels of trades to lock in another 25% either higher or lower from the initial 50% closeout.  I think we have a good answer to the initial question of how to buy Acadia Pharmaceutical stock.  Good luck my fellow traders and let me know what you think of this stock and don’t forget to join my newsletter on the right side for more of moves that will make you REAL cash in the stock market.

How High Can Acadia Pharmaceutical Stock Go?

I wanted to cover one other thing before sending this post to the masses.  This is, how high can Acadia stock go when the FDA gives its main drug final approval?  I am estimating that this stock could possibly bring in about $3.5 billion during the initial trading years.  This give us a great idea of what this stock can do in the long run.  That is over the years of the exclusive patented years of service.  The companies only worth $3.14 billion as of right now.  The industry trades at about 10 times the sales ratio of drug products.   This means that Acadia Pharmaceutical “should” be trading at about 10 to 11 times the price it is trading at right now.  I know this sounds unbelievable, but numbers do not lie.  The stock was trading at about $52 a share a few months ago and went through a massive selloff.  This has give us a great chance to cash in on this bad boy.  So I will not be surprised to see a 100% run up to the final FDA approval before or on May 1st.  This is just a statistic to think about during the next few weeks when figuring out if you want to long or short this stock.  If the numbers hold true, we could be looking at quite an appreciation on the value of this stock.  Enjoy the ride my friends, this is how to buy Acadia Pharmaceutical stock the right way. :)



  1. I love the idea of longing this stock until it doubles. What are your thoughts?

  2. This is going to be a roller coaster for sure. It was up 7 now only up 4.90. It is looking to be a short day if you ask me.

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