HOW TO BUY ARGOS STOCK And Make Thousands The Right Way

how to buy argos stockIt is high time you learn how to buy Argos stock and make thousands of dollars the right way.  Don’t get me wrong here, we are not going to become rich overnight with this stock, but we are going to make a wallet stuffing amount of cash.  If you haven’t been investing in the medical industry, you are missing the boat.  Take a look at a few of our recent articles to see how we are making tens of thousands in just a few days with these stocks.  Seeing is believing and we show you everything before it happens.

If you are unfamiliar with Argos Therapeutics Inc (Args $6.74), then you are in for a treat.  Take a look at the recent chart of Argos and you will see a VERY volatile stock over the last few weeks.  This stock has basically doubled in price over the last 8 weeks because of some positive news regarding their future drug line.  They basically are coming up with personalized immunotherapies for cancer and other inflictions.  The problem I have with this stock is that is seems a bit early for this company to be “going through the roof” in terms of stock price.



how to buy argos stockAs you can see from their earnings per share, they are bleeding cash at an alarming rate.  This is expected in the pharmaceutical industry, but I believe that they are going through their cash at a rate that will dilute current stockholders in the future and thus lower the price as they precede in their drug lines.  It is tough to watch, and more importantly invest in a company that has a negative earnings per share of $3.64 per year.  When the stock is only valued at $6.74, you can see how this can affect the future raising of funds.  As this stock depreciations in price, as I fully expect it to, it will cost current stockholders more in terms of dilution as the company has to raise funds to continue testing of their drugs.  Eventually, Argos could get FDA approval on a few key drugs, but this will take time and more importantly, more money.  So in figuring out how to buy Argos stock, you will want to consider shorting Argos stock in the near future to capitalize on their lack of capital.

This stock was trading at a mere $1.94 about 8 weeks ago.  It is now at $6.74 after their latest quarterly results.  Their income dropped from $300,000 to $100,000 and their have a few cuts on their expected stock price from analysts.  In other words, this stock is not for the faint of heart.  With most analysts predicting a price of $10 a share, I believe they are a bit over optimistic.  So I am going to short Argos stock for the next few weeks in order to take advantage of the recent run up.  I do not believe the stock will have the steam to continue its recent run up and will give back much of their recent gains.  I am not predicting that the stock is going to go back down to $1.94, but I wouldn’t be surprised as they run out of cash and have to get new investments.  The fact that they have near zero income based on the amount of cash they are burning through is not a good sign for the near term.  I fully understand that they are developing a new drug line which could make them a great deal of money, but there are a ton of hurdles that will need to be taken care of before they reach that end goal.  It is because of these hurdles, that I feel that the stock is overpriced for the near term and an excellent candidate for shorting.

The final thought for how to buy Argos stock is that it will more likely hit $4.50 a share before it hits $10.50 a share.  With that being said, you will want to be careful in any position you take concerning Argos.  I will let you know that I have taken a short position in this company at $7.80 a share and have been happily watching this stock enter what I think is a period of slow downward price adjustment.  I have covered the initial 50% of my position when the price hit $6.60 a share.  I will close out another 25% if it hits $7.25 a share and short cover the last 25% if it hits $7.70 a share.  On the other side of the coin, I will be short covering Argos for 25% if it drops to $6.24 and then the final 25% once it hits $5.46.  This will give me a very nice gain and allow me to avoid having any loses in this position.

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