HOW TO BUY ETSY STOCK And Make A Ton Of Handmade Cash

HOW TO BUY ETSY STOCKThe question is, do you know how to buy Etsy stock and make REAL money?  You should be familiar with Etsy and their handmade site of goods for sale from all over the world, but do you know about their stock and how it can be making you a ton of cash?  Etsy is home to more handmade goods then I could ever imagine.  They have been growing for years and their sales represent that quite well.  This is why you are looking to figure out the right way to invest in Etsy and that is where I come in.

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Etsy (ETSY $8.67) is trading a bit low from where it was just a year ago.  To be more exact, it is down 71.1%…OUCH!  But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a goldmine waiting for you.  The sales are increasing every single quarter.  This is a good sign that they are doing all the right moves to continue expanding.  The problem is, that they are not making a profit and thus are hurting stock holders.  So it comes down to how much risk you are willing to take with a rather new company that is feeling some growing pains.  Think back to when Apple was a mere $1 a share and think about anyone who would have said that this company is the next big thing.  This company may not be an Apple, but they are something special that can lead to massive gains for those willing to take on the risk.  If you need to know how to buy Etsy stock, look no further than the current price.

There are many entry points for buying a stock.  Most people like to jump on a company only when it is flying high.  This gives them little upward possibilities in terms of stock appreciation.  But when you are willing to buy a stock that has been beaten down, you stand to make a ton of cash during the revival of that stock.  This is what I see with Etsy stock going forward.  This is a company that appeals to a large population around the world and it will continue to grow as more and more people start to use their services.  I can tell you first hand that the future of this company is with the youth.  On many occasions recently, I have heard tons of students speaking about how they are buying their clothing on Etsy.  Just a few years ago, I asked if they ever heard of Etsy and the answer was no.  Now they not only have heard of them, but are BUYING items from them.  This surge in name recognition and purchasing prowess will continue to grow as time marches on.  This is how you buy Etsy stock.  :)

As you can see from the chart below, we are entering a period of growth for a stock that has been beaten to a 52 week low of $6.04.  But since that day, it has risen over 40%!  This means a $100,000 investment in Etsy is now worth $140,000.  Not a bad gain for about 7 weeks of holding time.  I would say the worst is behind for Etsy and we are entering a time of constant growth for the stock price.


You will have many opportunities to invest in Etsy, but this period of time seems to be a very opportune one.  The downside risk is minimal compared to where we were just a year ago in terms of price.  The low has seemed to be set and now we can concentrate of the growth of the Etsy brand as well as the stock price.  This is a stock that I see doing very well over the long term compared to where it has been.  It is growing by 30% a year and this should not be discounted.  Online businesses have a tendency to “break out” and explode in terms of earnings and stock price.  You do not want to be standing in line waiting to buy this after it has already started its price appreciation stage.  Buying long in the next few weeks is how to buy Etsy stock and make the most of your investment dollars.  As always, happy investing and good luck.

At this point, you may be looking for some other ways to make a few grand in the market.  I highly suggest taking a look at the Penny Stock newsletter here to find out a very simple way to turn a $1,000 into a cool $1,000,000 using the methods outlined.  If nothing else, it is a very interesting read. 



  1. This is spot on to how I invest. I have been watching Etsy for a while and it looks like the right time to take a long position on this stock. How high do you think this could go?

    • Stock Moe says:

      I agree that it looks ready to go. As for how high it can go, that is up to the demand. I think it is a great time to jump on this stock for the long term. Good luck and thanks for writing…Stock Moe

  2. EtsyLover says:

    It is funny that you mention that students are now not just aware but using Etsy. It is growing like a weed, but the price drops. I wish I understood how that is. Uggghhh. lol I will continue to sell my products on Etsy and invest a bit of my profit into their stock in order to grow with them.

    • Stock Moe says:

      I really can’t overstate how much this brand has grown since its launch. This is one of the main reasons it is a stock you want to be a part of going forward. Good luck and thanks for writing…Stock Moe

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