HOW TO BUY UBER STOCK (before or after their IPO)

How To Buy Uber Stock 2016You want to know how to buy Uber stock and I can help.  If you want to buy Uber stock, it looks like you need to have a few million on hand for investing right now.  You see, Uber is not a publicly traded stock as of yet, even though I highly suspect that they are going to eventually going to issue shares to the public.  But for now, we are going to talk about how you can scoop up some shares of Uber for your portfolio.

One of the first things you will want to do is become a high net worth client of Morgan Stanley or Merill Lynch.  It seems that Uber is looking to raise some funds through their clients and not the general public at this time.  This is not their first rodeo when it comes to courting high net worth clients.  Last year, they sold $1,600,000,000 in convertible debt to those high net worth clients over at Goldman Sachs.  It may seem weird to us little investors, but it makes good sense to those in the know.  Uber is looking for very large amounts of capital from someone that want jump ship in a blink of an eye.  How big you may be wondering?  Well, to the tune of $1 million dollars per investor.  Now you could also get into Uber stock with an investment as little as $250,000 if you go through Morgan Stanley.  With that being said, I do believe that with this next round of financing, they may be setting up for the real initial public offering that us little investors are waiting for.  I am predicting this IPO to happen in the next 2 years and I explain why down below.

How to buy Uber Stock 2016

If you want to know how to buy Uber stock, you will want to look at some other similar stocks to get an idea of how this is going to go down.  I wrote an article about Facebook and how their IPO went and what happened during the next few quarters after that initial public offering.  You can read all about the specifics over on that article, but the basics are very similar to what is going on with Uber stock right now.  Facebook did some huge private investments to the ultra rich and then went public.  Uber is going down that same path right now with the same kind of large private investments from the ultra rich with us little guys sitting on the sideline, wishing we could get a piece of the pie.  One thing is for sure, we now have a really good idea of what price the stock could be released at.  That is $49 a share based on what the pricing of these resent investments was.  This also puts a price tag on the company as a whole of $62.5 billion.  Is it worth it?  Time will tell, but there is a good chance that this could be an absolutely huge company with possibilities of growth around the world.  So if you want to know how to buy Uber stock in 2016, you have to either have $250,000 or wait until Uber’s initial public offering, which could easily happen during the 2016 trading season.

How will Uber perform after its IPO?

Now let’s fast forward to post Uber IPO and try to get a good sense on how this stock is going to perform for those brave enough to jump into the unknown.  Ask yourself this, what is the name of 3 car sharing services out there that you can call?  I believe the answers you came up with was Uber and let me guess, you can’t name two other ones.  I will help you out with that though.  Lyft and Sidecar are Uber’s competitors in this industry.  You also have all the taxi cabs in the major cities who will be fighting for some of these dollars.  With that being said though, Uber is a household name and one that you know what to expect.  Even Southpark has made a parody on it already, which speaks volumes on Uber’s crazy growth rate across all segments of the U.S.

One major issue I believe Uber will face is a problem that Lyft is taking care of right now.  Getting those without vehicles into the business by renting/lending them a vehicle to work with.  It was just announced that GM is teaming up with Lyft and renting vehicles to Lyft drivers for only $99 a week.  The problem for Uber is that if these drivers for Lyft perform at least 65 rides during the week, the $99 rental fee is waived and these drivers get to drive the car rental fee free.  This is huge for those looking to work for a ride sharing company, back lacking a vehicle.  It will also drive major growth forward for Lyft because those people looking for a car will be able to get one basically free and earn money at the same time.  It will give a major incentive for major cities to adopt Lyft before using Uber.  Now this is not to say that Uber won’t be doing something similar if it sees its profits start to shrink to Lyft.  It just goes to show you how much this market must be worth that GM is jumping into the game and taken sides in this ride sharing battle.  If you want to know how to buy Uber stock, just sit back and wait for the IPO that should be coming out later this year.  Until then, call an Uber rider and judge the service you might be investing in.

How to buy Uber Stock 2016

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