How To Short Voyager Therapeutics Stock To Make Real Cash

How To Short Voyager Therapeutics StockAfter today’s run up, it is high time we cover the topic of how to short Voyager Therapeutics stock to take advantage of the over zealous traders out there.   If you are looking for a stock that has run its price up about 50% in only 4 days, then look no further.  That is why Voyager (VYGR $13.49) is a prime candidate for a good old fashion shorting.


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Take a gander at this chart down below.  This is what you want to see when you own it prior to the explosive growth in stock price.  At this point though, you should be considering dumping some of that long position in order to lock in those massive gains.  This is yet another example of stocks that blow up one day and give much of those gains the very next day.

How To Short Voyager Therapeutics Stock

I would not think that this stock would be going up like crazy without earning some decent profits, but once again, another Therapeutics stock going up without any EPS to speak of.  Today seemed to be the day for these types of stocks.  Arrowhead Therapeutics, Argos Therapeutics, and Nuvectra Corp. joined the ranks of double digit gainers.  One thing I don’t quite get is that Voyager Therapeutics was just downgraded on April 11th and BOOM, the stock goes up 50%.  They are losing $1.49 a share, which is a big red flag for me when it comes to investing into a company for the long term.  They also recently missed the street’s estimate for earnings of ($0.55) a share, when they announced a loss of ($0.67).  Does this sound like a company on the right road to massive profits?  It seems a little to soon to tell for the long run.  But this is all about the short run for me.

So let’s get right to how to short Voyager Therapeutics stock and make some money.  Sometimes you will have about a 10% correction the next day, but that is on a stock that goes 40% or higher on the day before.  This took two days to gain that 40%, so I am thinking this will hit a 5% correction tomorrow at some point.  I am guessing that ARWR will also see a 5% correction as well.  Voyager Therapeutics should be down about $0.67 at some point during tomorrow’s trading hours.  This is a short play that could stretch out over a few days depending on the action and news that comes out tomorrow.

Not much more to report on this stock, as many of its tests are still in the early development stage.  I can see big things for this company way down the road, but that will be after these test start to show some promise, and more importantly, some money.  These tests focus on the central nervous system, which millions of people have problems with.  You can see how this can be very profitable if they can find the right drug.  The conclusion here is to short this tomorrow in order to take advantage of the Wall Street greed that pushed this stock to levels that it should not quite be at yet.  Don’t look for too much over that 5% mark and watch out for any news that could take this stock up again.  I would cut my loses at about 10%, if it has another run.  Now we have a good idea of how to short Voyager Therapeutics stock to make real cash.  Take a look at some of our other short wins down below to see the kind of cash that can be made.


How To Short Voyager Therapeutics Stock To Make Real Cash


  1. Sounds like a plan. I’ll be looking for this short setup tomorrow. Thanks!

  2. Stock Moe says:

    It is a high risk play. It is a bit different from the last ones, so be careful with this one. But it definitely seems to be very overpriced and ready for a nice short.

    UPDATE: This stock is not quite the play that the others were. I have went with BBEPP as the short of the day and have picked up the loss with that one. I still feel that VYGR is WAYYY overpriced, but for some reason, these pharms are going up again. So I am going to cut my losses for now and recoup them with the oil industry.

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