Is The Stock Market Open On Good Friday?

Is The Stock Market Open On Good Friday?Is the stock market open on Good Friday?  The answer to this question is no.  Remember that Easter comes early this year and many markets will be affected by this.  The United States stock market will be closed on Good Friday and reopen on Monday March 28th.  This is not the case for all markets around the world.  In the U.K. for example, they are closed both Good Friday as well as the Monday after Easter Sunday.  There are numerous continental markets that will also be closed Good Friday as well as the Monday after Easter.

The weird thing about the markets being closed in the United States for Good Friday is that it isn’t even considered a federal holiday.  What that means for all of us is that we will be able to the governmental information that is planned on being released on Good Friday.  We have the Bureau of Economic Analysis is giving us the last revisal to the 4th quarter G.D.P.  This can have some very big consequences if it comes back with big changes.  If not, we are looking at very little affect on the stock market.  In other words, you will have to hold your horses until Monday March 28th.  Let’s hope that all is well and the numbers come back strong.

In case you are wondering if the Canadian stock market is open on Good Friday, they are not.  They also are taking some time off to enjoy a few hours of family time.  The Asian markets will also be following suit by closing their doors for Good Friday, but will reopen on Monday.  Some other countries such as, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa follow in the U.K.’s steps by staying closed on both Good Friday as well as the Monday after Easter.  Here is a list of other days that the stock market will be closed for the year as well.  Is the stock market open on Good Friday?  Nope, so happy Easter my fellow stock enthusiasts and happy investing.  :)

Is The Stock Market Open On Good Friday?

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