STOCK MOE – Best Stocks To Make Money With This Year

STOCK MOE - Best Stocks To Make Money With This YearIf you are tired of not making a ton of cash in the market, then you will want to take a look at the new Stock Moe picks for this year. Many of the latest picks have brought quite a few readers some substantial gains through the last few months. I have been taking plenty of short positions over the last few months with major success, but don’t want you to think that is all I do. :) I have quite a bit of long positions in my portfolios.  I have heard lately that good old Stock Moe is going all short, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  So without further ado, I bring you Stock Moe’s best stocks to make money with this year.

This is quite a time we are investing in.  The market has more all time highs then I can ever remember.  This doesn’t mean that we can’t find some stocks to cash in on though.  There is usually a sector that is getting crushed at any given time in the stock market’s cycle.  If you had to pick one sector that has been struggling over the last year, what would it be?  I  believe that the oil industry is one such example of this situation.  Taking a look at the following chart for (GUSH $81.55), which is a Direxion Daily S&P Oil & Gas Exp. & Prod. Bull 3X Shares stock, you can see that it has lost about 80% over the last 12 months.  With oil prices dropping consistently over the last 11 months, we should be able to expect that kind of lose.  But take a look at the second chart below and we get quite the different picture.

STOCK MOE - Best Stocks To Make Money With This Year

This second chart shows that over the last three months, the same leveraged fund made 96.65%.  When trying to make the Stock Moe best stocks to buy, I look for opportunities like this.  You can easily see that the worst of the oil pain is behind us now.  Once you accept that, you are able to start to take advantage of the low prices for future gains.  It will be a very slow rebound, but there will be a rebound in prices and that will equate to big gains in the oil industry.  Investors will need to be patient in getting to these gains.  Ask yourself one simple question.  Are oil prices going to be higher or lower in the next two years?  I believe that most reasonable minds would be able to see that prices will continue to increase based on the current facts in the news.  With that being said, the idea to maximize gains is to get into a long position before the large gains already happen.

STOCK MOE - Best Stocks To Make Money With This Year

Now there are plenty of ways to capitalize on the rebounding oil prices.  Up above, you have the triple leveraged GUSH stock.  It had a 52 week high of $410 a share.  It is currently looking at $81.55 a share.  This gives us a 5 times expected gain once oil and gas prices return to levels that we are expecting to see them in the next few years.  I look at it this  way, if you know that you could possibly double your money in 5 years, would you do it?  How about going 5 times your money in 10 years?  So if it does take a few years for oil and gas prices to return to the good old days, you will look back at today’s opportunities and regret not jumping on these kind of opportunities.  If investing in a triple leveraged oil and gas fund seems to be a bit too risky for you, then there are some other opportunities out there.  I am listing quite a few oil and gas funds below as well as one silver ETF to consider adding to your portfolio.  If you are thinking that the oil prices are going to rebound now that a floor has been solidified, then you will see if these investments are for you.  Keep in mind that they are not your get rich quick stocks, but a more wait and enjoy approach to investing in oil.

Analyst Ratings For Every Leveraged Commodities ETF
Symbol Name Price
UWTI VelocityShares 3x Long Crude Oil ETN $27.57
DWTI VelocityShares 3x Inverse Crude Oil ETN $106.75
AGQ Ultra Silver ETF $39.82

When you are considering a risky investment like this, you need to do a little research in history.  It comes down to the old saying that those that don’t learn from history are bound to repeat it.  So looking at the last time oil was down to $34 a barrel, was back in February 2009.  It wasn’t much more than 2 years later that oil was back above $100 a barrel and oil companies and more importantly, their shareholders were loving life again.  Does that mean that we should expect much the same here?  I would say no for the following reasons.  Oil is currently being produced at rates higher than the rates of consumption.  Also, the governments of the world had quite a few bullets to increase global growth and output.  Those days are basically behind us and you can already see growth slowing down to a turtle’s crawl.  This all coupled together gave us the last year and half’s worth of oil price decreases.  Since that time, oil companies around the world have been forced to deal with the lower price of oil buy cutting new wells and rigs, thus lowering future oil supplies.  And when that demand exceeds supply, you are going to see a massive price increase the likes you have never witnessed before.  When that happens, you will want to be strategically place in a long position that maximizes your profit potentials.  Thus, I recommend the GUSH triple bull oil ETF that I wrote about above.  There are quite a few individual stocks that could make the Stock Moe best stocks to buy list, but buying a ETF will diversify us a bit and rid the unseen problems that individual companies can have on our portfolios.   I will leave you with one more stock to consider in the oil industry.  Noble Energy (NBL $36.04) is one of those companies that have been hit hard with the declining oil industry.  They are in the business of finding new oil deposits around the world.  They are following in the steps of oil prices as of late.  They are seeing a very nice gain over the last three months and I don’t see that trend changing now that we have a solid floor for prices.  There are times to run away from a sector, then there are times that you are wise to jump into one as well.  This is one of those times.  The losses are limited to 10-30% and the increases could be 300-400% based on historical prices.  As always, thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out my new STOCK MOE PORTFOLIO to see how day trading on a $10,000 budget works out.
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STOCK MOE – Best Stocks To Make Money With This Year

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