Pennsylvania Stock Market Game State Champions Spring 2016 – They Did It Again

Pennsylvania Stock Market Game State Champions Spring 2016 It is always a great time writing about stock plays and more importantly, making money on those plays. However, today I get to write about my team’s Pennsylvania Stock Market Game state championship victory.  After months of grueling trading, my team of Richard Miller, Abby Knapsack, Amber Beaver, Brandon Phillips, Jacob Moore secured another state championship for the Montgomery Area School District.  You can see from the chart below that it was a very close match all the way up to the closing bell.  The students started out with a $100,000 and were able to turn it into a cool $169,855 in under 3 months.  They were competing against 1534 other teams from all over the state of Pennsylvania.

It is quite an accomplishment for this team as well as our Fall’s state championship team to lock up both titles and bring home a couple of more state title banners for the district.  At this time, a few members of this state title team  are currently in the lead in the Stock Market Game National Championship that will conclude on May 8th.  They are currently sporting a $12,000 lead over the Hotchkiss School District from Connecticut.  The top 10 finalists receive an all-expense paid trip to Washington D.C. for a great learning opportunity from June 14th to June 16th.  Good luck to them on bringing home our first national championship!

Pennsylvania Stock Market State Champions Spring 2016

To give you idea of where the we stand in the National Championship Game, I have included a chart below to show how we are faring against the countries top investors.  I have to say that I believe we are holding our own quite well. :)  They have 4 weeks exactly left to hold on to the lead and bring home a title.  We will see what the markets bring and how the teams adapt.

Pennsylvania Stock Market State Champions

The following are pictures of a few of our other championship teams throughout the years.  I thought it would be nice to give them a shout out for their success.  These pictures below represent the last few years of participating in the Stock Market Game.  It has brought the real life experience of being successful traders to our students and thus our community.  The students are also being honored next month on the floor of the Senate in Harrisburg for the Fall state championship title thanks to Senator Yaw’s office.








At this point, it is back to the research for Monday’s market opening.  What is the next big stock to make thousands?  We will see. Check out some the articles to see the stocks that are making us thousands below.

Pennsylvania Stock Market Game State Champions Spring 2016 – They Did It Again

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