Stock Moe $10,000 Portfolio

This is the the famous Stock Moe $10,000 portfolio.  Many people will complain about not having any money to invest and go their entire lives not realizing what they gave up in terms of financial returns.  I am hoping that this portfolio will shed some light on what is possible with a little bit of patience and a bit of research for those looking to make above average returns.  I have written articles on how to make millions off of the stock market starting with $10,000, and now I will put that theory to the test.  Please be aware that this is a VERY high risk portfolio that has an extremely good chance of massive losses.  (Not that I plan on losing money though) Have fun following me on my way to the million dollar mark or to the rock bottom if my calculations are wrong.  I will put a small write up for each decision below the chart in order to give you my reasoning.

The following is a list of investments that have been made, the returns, and the final running total of the portfolio:  (This is going to be up and running in April of 2017)

Stock Symbol Price Longed/Shorted Shares Total Cost Leftover Cash Gain/Loss Portfolio  Value


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Stock Moe $10,000 Portfolio


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