The Perfect Stock To Invest In To Make Millions

The perfect stock to invest inThe perfect stock to invest in to make millions and the when and why to buy it.  What I am going to do is to take a look at some options out there for people to invest in.  I will then show you something that will change the way you look at long term investing.  There are many research articles out there that discuss the best ways to try to beat the market and what has been found is very shocking.  This article goes over all the findings and pinpoints a way to easily triple the gains that market is giving you and a way to turn your retirement account into millions of dollars.

Let’s start out with going over the research of all those thousands of mutual funds out there.  Our goal as an investor is to try to find the perfect stock to invest in and the best mutual fund to buy to maximize our gains.  After years of independent investors trying to pick their own stocks, they figured out that they are better off just buying managed mutual funds.  Then research found out that these mutual funds are actually still not able to match or beat the market gains about 80% of the time.  Fast forward to modern times and now we know that after 5 years only about 1 in 5 funds will be able to beat the S&P 500 on average.  In other words, you are paying “PROFESSIONAL” fund managers to basically lose you money over the long run compared to just buying a low cost index fund and getting better returns they are shooting for themselves.  In the grand scheme of investing, buying these managed mutual funds does not bode well for those looking to maximize their lifetime returns.  If only 1 in 5 mutual funds actually beat index funds, why would you ever gamble on trying to be that 1 out of 5 that actually picks the right managed mutual fund when it could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars if you are wrong?  With all this being said, what is the perfect stock to invest in to eliminate those risks?

Considering the above facts, it leaves us a basic option that even Warren Buffet has told his heirs to do once he dies…take his money and invest it in an index fund and government bonds.  The actual instructions were to invest 10% in short term government bonds and put the other 90% into a low cost S&P 500 index fund.   Now if you follow the above, you will already be beating 80% of the so called best fund managers in the world.  This is good for those investors out there that are looking to maintain their normal amounts of returns, but I have an option that I have been able to come up with to grow these returns to even greater levels.  This is a Ryan Monoski / Stock Moe original that I believe can give those looking to beat the S&P 500 over their lifetimes, a greater chance to do it.

I would like to start out by saying that this method is not for the faint of heart.  With that being said though, I am against “professional” fund managers that fleece their clients and cannot even give them returns that equal what the index funds are giving investors.  The problem with them is that only 20% can even beat the market over 5 years when their fees are calculated in with their gains.  What I am about to show you is a new way to take normal gains from an index fund and juice them up to some life changing levels.  In setting up our portfolios, we will be taking advantage of some good old fashion leveraging.  But before we get into the basics of this new way to invest for the long term, let’s take a look at what a normal S&P 500 index fund would get you over the last 5 years if you followed the standard advice of buy and hold. (Which is something I would suggest you do at the very least)

Based on the latest information from one such index fund, SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (SPY $232.51), has returned 69.55% over the last 5 years.  The actual S&P 500 has returned 69.98% over the same 5 years.  There are also dividends that will be paid out to consider as well.  This alone should be enough for people to jump all over this, but this is not the new formula that I believe should be used to maximize your investing accounts going forward.  If we know that this way of investing gets us the market gains without the risk and fees associated with the so called “professionally” guided funds, then what I am going to show you next will be a game changer.

For the next part, you have to understand that trying to pay someone to beat the market for you is a losing cause for most people out there.  If you accept this very important concept, then you are definitely ready for this next evolution into finding the perfect stock to invest in.  Now that evidence has shown that investing into an index fund is the way to go, then all we need to do is add a bit of gas to the fire to make our gains grow at even nigher rates.  I will start out by letting you know that you always have the option of being as safe or as risky as you can tolerate.  In other words, you can put 50% in cash and 50% into SPY and get half the losses and gains as the normal market does.  You also could go “all in” and go 100% SPY and match the market gains and losses dollar for dollar.  And you even have the ability to go with my new way to long term invest and get 300% of the returns as the normal index fund would give you.

Investing in an index fund to minimize fees and maximize potential profits is something that I have read about and it made me wonder why people are not pushing for even more gains using the leveraging technique that I am about to go into detail about.   I have successfully coached my students to 7 Pennsylvania state championships and soon to be 2 consecutive National championships (owning the top 5 spots in the Capitol Hill Challenge with under a month to go) using this technique as well as some other methods that I will discuss in more detail in later articles.  But before I do, I want to share a bit of the success from these games so you understand that what I am going to show you works and is not just a bunch of nonsense.

2014 Article

2015 Article

2016 Article

2016 National Championship Article

The following is a video for our recent recognition on the Senate floor, which is one of the highlights of my professional career.

The above is not meant to be boasting about our accomplishments, but the fact that what I am going to show you is a very tried and tested method of getting more out of your investment dollars using leveraging the way it was meant to be used.  If you are teacher reading this and are interested in reading a bit more about one of the above games, feel free to read this article here to see the numbers behind the championship.

On to the meat of why you are actually here, let’s discuss the perfect stock to invest in, bar absolutely none!  We all see that investing in an index fund, such as SPY, is the way to go, so why not maximize this potential?  Let’s take a moment and see what other avenues are out there to make even more money over the last 5 years and more importantly the next 100 years going forward using index investing.  I am going to introduce you to a whole new way to invest into your future that is easy to self manage and should beat professionally managed mutual funds hands down.  If a regular index fund beats professional managed funds 80% of the time, then this new leveraged method should take it to 100% or at least very close to that.

The perfect stock to invest inLet’s get right to it.  If the new thought is to put your money into an index fund and forget about it, then Warren Buffett’s famous quote of “Our favorite holding period is forever” fits the bill for our new strategy.  The stock we want to dollar cost average into millions by the end of our working career is ProShares Ultra S&P500 (SSO $82.51).  In choosing which triple leveraged ETF you are going to pick, just concentrate on the expense ratio and the fact that it matches the S&P 500 exactly.  SSO fits the bill nicely for both of these considerations.  Take a look at the two charts below and see how SPY and SSO match up over the last 5 years.

SPY versus SSO over a 5 year period

As you can see from the above information, SPY matches the market just about exactly how we would expect it to.  And more importantly, SSO returned us just about triple the gains that SPY did.  Now you can see how your portfolio will now grow by three times the amount as the normal ETF that everyone is being told to invest in.  SSO’s gains put it in the category for me of the perfect stock to invest in to beat the market consistently.

Now I do want to warn everyone that even though this new way to invest seems perfect, there are some pitfalls to beware of.  The two main concerns are the expense ratio and the chance that the market tanks.  With the expense ratio, we can keep our eyes open for any new triple leveraged funds that carry a smaller fee that we can take advantage of.  And for the possibility of a downturn in the market, we need to use the tried and true method of dollar cost averaging to help lower the overall risk to our investment dollars.  If you are unaware what dollar cost averaging is, please take a moment and read up about it here.  Using dollar cost averaging allows us to take advantage of downturns by adding more shares to our portfolio at reduced costs.  Eventually, the market will return to new highs and we will be earning the profits that we desire.  Combining the triple leveraged ETF with dollar cost averaging gives us the standard way to invest for retirement, but juiced up by 300%!  Now to add even more fire to this, considering doing all this in a 401k or IRA that allows us to put pretax dollars into the account.  I think you see why this is the perfect stock to invest in and the perfect strategy to take advantage of it.

It is now my favorite part of this article, the time to show you the possible gains of investing using this new method.  I will show you both the standard way of just putting it all into an S&P 500 index fund and then into triple leveraged S&P 500 fund.  I want to make this as realistic as possible, so I will be taking what I consider to be a normal amount of money to invest every year.

The following aspects are what this forecast will use…

Starting salary of $50,000

Annual raises of 3%

25 years old

10% that we are investing every year

With the above facts, we will have $1,925,314 in our account when we hit 65 years of age.  Now if we just invest in the leveraged fund instead, such as SSO, we will end with $5,775,942.  And all that we did is put it in SSO instead of SPY.  I don’t know about you, but having three times the retirement money to spend even though I worked no harder or no longer sounds great to me.  Hopefully now you see why I consider SSO the perfect stock to invest in going forward.

The perfect stock to invest in

There are many strategies out there that try to beat the market, but I believe this one to be the ultimate one.  This is a simple way that I believe anyone can manage themselves thus avoiding the fees associated with a professional broker.  I would suggest setting up an Ameritrade account and having it connected to your checking account, which makes the whole process very simple.  If you are tired of paying huge fees, then I believe you should consider the above strategy to replace the overpaid managers that can’t match the market’s normal gains.  I truly believe that SSO in the perfect stock to invest in to make millions for you over the life of your investing.

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