What Is The Best IRA For Me?

What Is The Best IRA For MeWhat is the best IRA for me?  This question is asked to me quite a bit and the answers can differ dramatically from each individual situation.  What I am hoping to do here is help people see what the differences are in IRAs and which one would suit their needs the best.

This article will be everything you need to know about IRA’s, or individual retirement accounts as they are officially named, that you will need to make a solid informed decision.  Take it from me, a once inexperienced investor who trusted the advice of too many sales pitches by “experienced” professionals who claimed to be constructing a retirement portfolio in my best interest, but in reality, were padding their own portfolios with profits gained through my hard earned salary and my naïve blind loyalty.  There is a ton of information you need to become comfortable with before you start investing into these different retirement accounts.  When you are wondering what is the best IRA for me, you will now have at least a clue on what the answer actually is.What Is The Best IRA For Me

My original profession was in education, not finance, so as a 23 year old looking to reach struggling students, the “million dollar retirement package” sounded pretty good; something I could contribute to without even the slightest worry of having to manage it. I would simply subtract a small percentage out of each paycheck that would go towards my retirement and in 35 years I would be a millionaire. Sounded pretty good at the time, didn’t it? In reality, however, the money I was “contributing” to my mythical nest egg was, interestingly enough (sarcasm), paying for the gas in some broker’s boat. The same guy, who I used to help out in gym class by drafting him on my team, even though he couldn’t walk a straight line without cutting a corner, was now buffaloing me just to earn enough money to buy a pretend girlfriend for the weekend.

Yes, I was a little bitter but my contempt was justified. You see, the reality hit me when I was told that the company, which hired the ungrateful individual, decided to cut ties with my employer?! No longer would my bi-monthly payments be going to support my eventual, elderly on-line poker habits. My original deduction was now mainstreamed into my current paycheck and I had no idea what had happened or why it happened. So now… what was I supposed do?

And now…I’ll tell you.

What I did…was get EDUCATED!

What Is The Best IRA For Me?At this point I had around $8,500 of my seriously hard earned money just floating around in the pool they call Wall Street, but there was no one managing it!!! The guy I thought was managing my money was most likely “managing” a Halo subculture fan club. I asked my coworkers for advice until I realized that they were in the same boat I was in. It wasn’t their fault, finance wasn’t their forte either. So I decided to do some research outside of the realm of education, and the question that continued to surface time after time was: Do I really need a middle man?

…and the answer was and is, a loud, resounding… NO!

What Is The Best IRA For Me?This information is for the basic investor; the man or woman who did not major in finance, but who is also not satisfied with their current retirement system.  Maybe you want to be the one on the boat when you’re 55 rather than wondering where all of the money went. Three basic options for the basic investor include: an IRA (Individual Retirement Account), a Roth IRA (same philosophy with a twist), or a stock club (a circle of friends, with whom you trust, who get together once a month to basically take over the responsibility of “the middleman.”  If you are tired of giving all your hard earned money to the middleman, then you know that real answer to the question, what is the best IRA for me?  It is the one that maximizes your profits and minimizes your costs.  If you are ready to add some specific stocks to your portfolio, then check out the following articles that will give you the exact stocks to buy.


What Is The Best IRA For Me?

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